How to Improve the Design of a Landing Page

Did you know that the amount of clients a company has may depend upon the number of its landing pages? According to statistics, a company that adopts the decision to increase the number of its landing pages from 5 to 10, for example, may increase the number of potential customers by 50%! This sounds unbelievable, but this is what current marketing news report. Actually, this is quite understandable, because a landing page is an indispensable part of any business strategy. They make users aware of the specialization of your company and provide the detailed data visitors can make use of when looking for a company.

What you should know, though, is that each landing page should look appealing and attention-grabbing to encourage the first-time visitors to come back there again. If you are right about to create a landing page of your own, make sure to use the following web design recommendations.

1. It Is All About the Layout

Web design experts point out the importance of a website layout. They report that the layout of a page is one of those elements that have notable impact upon the way users perceive the content. If you fail to place other webpage elements properly, they may alter the whole layout, making it difficult for the visitors to browse through the website. That is why, it’s essential to be consistent and attentive when designing the layout of your landing page.

2. Content

When working on the development of your landing page, don’t forget the reason you do that for. What is the purpose of your page? How can you attract users to it? There is the only reasonable answer to these questions: you have to publish the content that meets the needs of your target audience. Don’t overwhelm your site with unnecessary info, but get directly to the point. Use clear and understandable headers, large and readable typography that highlights the message you wish to convey, put bullet points where necessary to point out the main thought and… stick to the point. Content is what people are looking for. Keep that in mind!

3. Focus on Your Brand

When it comes to landing pages, logos and brand names should be in the focus on users’ attention. Regardless of the content a page has, your company logo or brand name should always be there. It does not necessarily have to be the major element of your site, but it should still be included into the design. By the way, having chosen a place for your logo, don’t change it on other pages so that your visitors could know where they are. This is especially important for those users, who have been redirected to your website through social networks and other websites.

4. Load Time

To make your landing page convertible, it’s important to take care of its load time. Statistics says that even one second of the load time delay triggers substantial loss of returning users and decrease of the customer satisfaction rate. This is not to mention the fact that people, who wait over 3 seconds for a landing page to load, are likely to abandon it for good. Take care of this nuance in advance to avoid the potential problems.

Listed above are only a few tips on how to improve the design of a landing page to make it convertible and popular with the users. Consider them prior to launching your personal site of this type that will help make your business recognizable and lucrative.

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